Our company organizes training in two thematic blocks:

  • green tactics
  • CQB

Taking into account the welfare and safety of our customers our team conducts
training only on selected tactical elements used by special forces.
We also implement issues such as:

  • first aid
  • battlefield medicine TCCC
  • operational driving technique
  • VIP protection

In our opinion, the key to success is an individual approach to each group, which allows to achieve the best training results. Professionalism and experience of our instructors makes it possible to create an optimal training program according to your expectations. We do not use ready made universal training programs, because we try to adapt everything to the specific of a given group. Basing on the knowledge and experience of our instructors, as soon as we receive information from you about the character of your team and the topic you are interested in we will create a special program tailored to your needs. Due to the need to prepare and planning of a training program of an individual character it is required to:

  • register the course one month in advance
  • smallest group of participants - 6 people

The applicable list of equipment will be presented in accordance with the characteristics of the of the course.