1. What is TOP ?
    It is a complete multi-directional training program. TOP stands for Taff Operational Programme.
  2. Who created TOP ?
    This program was created by team members and former special forces operators.
  3. The genesis of the program ?
    Combat experience, long years of service, participation in various training systems, participation in combat missions and experience resulting from them ( Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.) of our operators allowed us to create a comprehensive operational ( training ) program, which we call TOP.
  4. Components of the programme ?
    The components of TOP are:
    shooting, tactical, water, medical and combat training
  5. For whom was TOP created ?
    For everyone who wants to learn and is not afraid of serious training.
  6. Why was TOP created in this form ?
    Complexity, difficulty and above all length of special forces training are unattainable for open public. That is why in creating our program we have put so much emphasis on accessibility, effectiveness and methodology of training, which always brings the best results in training and at the same time allows to maintain the high level of transmitted knowledge.
  7. What does a trainee receive thanks to TOP program ?
    The opportunity to learn as much as possible in a limited time, professional instructor care, small training groups, individual approach to each student.
  8. Are the different stages or levels of the program interconnected ?
    Yes, the levels in a given subject are strictly connected with each other, i.e. a trainee has to go through the whole training path in a given field in order to reach the highest level of training. However, it is possible to complete the training at any level at the same time.
  9. Safety rules in TOP.
    Our priority is to maintain the highest standards of safety both at the stage of preparation for training and during its duration. Here again an important role is played by experience and everyday contact with tactical equipment of our operators - instructors
  10. TOP in relation to the competition.
    Our aim was to create a program which is to defend itself with quality and not to focus on competitors' activities.
  11. Why is TOP a unique program ?
    The uniqueness of the program results from its universality and comprehensiveness. The program is based on a system of levels of practical and theoretical knowledge, which is passed on to the students. Individual courses are summarized by exams that check the level of skills acquired by the students. All students who pass the exam will receive patches with their individual numbers.
  12. Who can train in TOP program ?
    The only legal owner of the TOP program is the company Taff Tactical Group. All trainers or instructors who want to train according to this program must have a certificate of Taff Tactical Instructor issued by Taff Tactical Group. This is a guarantee that people who want to train according to TOP program have proper factual and practical knowledge.
  13. Does TOP program have an international dimension and value ?
    TOP is a program designed to train civilians at the highest level as well as to prepare potential candidates for foreign projects. In our opinion, the best way to evaluate a training program is its effectiveness in real combat situations.
  14. Does the program look the same for civilians and uniformed services ?
    No, training for uniformed services has a higher level of advancement.
  15. Can a civilian be a participant of training for uniformed services ?
    No, it is not possible to combine uniformed and civilian groups due to the different scope of training.
  16. Can men and women train together ?
    Women and men train together. However from time to time there will be courses for women only. The frequency of such courses will depend on the number of female applicants.
  17. Does the program include individual training ( one on one ) ?
    Yes, only in such cases the scope of training and its price are determined depending on the situation.

In our opinion the best way to evaluate the training program is its effectiveness in real combat situations.